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Japanese Houses -899€  

According to the customs of Japanese culture, they ensure comfort, silence, absolute privacy, and proximity to nature for guests. Each house can host 8 persons, there are four double bedrooms (which means that you will share your room with one more participant), a living room with a terrace, a kitchen, and private bathrooms. The houses are equipped with specialised futons for sleeping, internet access, a fireplace, and a refrigerator.

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What’s included in your package:

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  • Accommodation – 8-12/02/2024 – Check-in at 12pm and Check- out at 13:00 pm
  • Food – All inclusive(3 meals)

Description: breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a fixed menu will be offered daily ( if you wish to receive a detailed menu please send us an email )

  • Transportation

From Warsaw Chopin Airport to Dojo Stara Wies at 13:00 pm on the first day of 8/02/2024

From Dojo Stara Wies to Warsaw Chopin Airport at 13:00 pm in the afternoon on the last day 12/02/2024

  • Sauna
  • Jiutopia event gift bag & T-shirt

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MOBILE HOME for two 850.00€ (per person)

Modern, compact, and surrounded by pine trees and plane trees, Standard Mobile Homes offer privacy, a private garden with a view and outdoor furniture, just a few steps from the bright blue crystalline waters of the beach.

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Each Standard Mobile Home provides you with:

  • Accommodation up to 2 adults 
  • Comfortable bed, bed linen and wardrobes
  • Safe
  • Fully equipped open kitchen (fridge, gas cooktop, pan/pot, plates-glasses-cutlery)
  • Air conditioning
  • WC and shower unit
  • Covered furnished veranda with kitchen (gas hob)
  • Parking spot
  • Cleaning and change of bed linen every 3 days
  • Wi-Fi


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What is included in the Standard Package?

  • Accommodation up to 2-3 persons
  • Transportation from Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki at 11:00am and Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia at 12:00 pm the first day to the camp 18/06/2023 and the last day 24/06/2023 from the camp at 15:00pm.
  • Breakfast 8:00 – 10:00am
  • 20+ Trainings from World Class BJJ Instructors
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Open Mat All Day
  • Beach Parties & Games


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The photos are indicative and do not correspond to all the types of standard mobile homes


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